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Reds 3-Pack

Sale price$75.00

Introducing Reds 3-Pack, our most popular collection of red wines. This three-pack features our best wines, carefully selected for their distinct flavors and top quality. Enjoy a variety of rich, full-bodied reds with this must-have pack. Elevate your wine game today!

  • (1) 2017 Red Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon, an assertive and robust red showcasing the distinctive character of its terroir.
  • (1) 2018 Columbia Valley Pinot Noir, an elegantly crafted wine with nuanced layers and a refined profile.
  • (1) 2017 Horse Heaven Hills Merlot, a velvety expression of excellence, exhibiting the utmost in craftsmanship. Elevate your cellar with this exclusive trio, epitomizing the pinnacle of oenological artistry.